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Booster Club Rules

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Booster Club Rules Use this link to do make a printable version

Booster Club Rules 

  • The purpose of the Booster Club is to provide support to the particular program(s) that they represent.
  • The Booster Club is not designed to run the program or teams within the Activities Dept.
  • The Booster Club is not to make decisions on behalf of the coach or program.
  • The Booster Club is not to influence hiring practices.
  • The Booster Club is not to steer the program toward any singular agenda or misfortune.
  • Any funds generated by the Booster Club, becomes the property of that club.
  • Every purchase made by the Booster Club must have prior approval from the SFHS Activities Director.
  • Student Activity Accounts held at the school must fill out the required forms and have a student representative signature. These are returned to the Activity Director’s administrative assistant.
  • The Booster Club will comply with any and all rules, regulations and policies of ISD 15, the Mississippi 8 Conference and the Minnesota State High School League.
  • Each Booster Club is required to have a board of directors that include but not be limited to a president or chair, vice-president or vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer. There may be additional positions or committee members as needed.
  • Coaches are not allowed to have signature authority on any booster/support account.
  • All fund raising projects and events sponsored and/or operated by the booster club will require approval from Activities Director.
  • Any and every stipend/position that are provided by booster/support groups must be paid through the district payroll procedure.  Forms for donation purposes are in the Activities Office.
  • Any funds generated as a result of an event that is sponsored and/or operated by the Booster Club will become the sole property of that Booster Club and cannot be paid to individuals or families within the Booster Club, other than reimbursement of expenses, or if one of the boosters is working as a vendor or independent contractor for the Booster Club.
  • By MSHSL rules, the Booster Club cannot pay for any student-athlete to attend a camp, clinic or league. (“League” refers to participation in league, other than MSHSL).
  • The Booster Club may not establish a scholarship program for attending camps/clinics.
  • Each Booster Club or support organization will take part in and adhere to policies and practices established by SFHS Activities Department.
  • Coaches can’t write out checks out of any booster club account without a second signer from the booster organizations governing board.
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