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Saints News · Knowledge Bowl Update

Linx concentrates at Little FallsI am pleased to announce three St. Francis Knowledge Bowl teams have advanced to the subregion meet.  This is the first time SF has had three teams advance and the first time for a Saints sophomore team.  Sophomore teams almost never get to the post-season in KB!

There are 103 high school KB teams representing 30 high schools in the metro region.  St. Francis had 9 teams this year.  Our lone senior team was 19th overall in the region; our highest junior team was 17th; and our highest sophomore team was 30th.  The team members are listed below.

The top 9 teams in the final standings advance directly to the region meet on March 3.  The next 21 teams (#10-#30) compete in the subregion meet where the top 6 finishers will also go to the region meet.  Of the final 15, 6 will go the the state meet.  St. Francis has never sent a KB team to state.

Here are the members of our qualifying teams:

Ryan Carda, gr 12
Courtney Fahland gr 12
Laura Morgan gr 12Eric Sturdevant gr 12

Joe Blom gr 11
Sarah Durkot gr 11
Amy Houle gr 11
Connor Keech gr 11
Michael Odell gr 11

Natalie Beauto gr 10
Blake Cipperly gr 10
Shelby Roering gr 10
Conor Sullivan gr 10
Alex Sweeney gr 10

Bo Stevens, Knowledge Bowl Coach