Multiple Teams · April Booster Club Meeting

SFTFCC Boosters

Minutes from the 4/5/17 Meeting

  1. Call to Order

*The meeting was called to order by President Cassie Calametti at 6:01 PM.

Those in attendance: Cassie Calametti, Cindy Bonde-Lorenzen, Charlene Johnson, Becki Hanson, Mark Hanson, Brittney Moffatt, Matt Hylen, Angie Benson, Ann Bothun

  1. Reading of Minutes

*The minutes from March 15, 2017 were reviewed, approved and accepted.

III. Reports:

  1.  President:

*No report

  1.  Vice President:

*No report

  1.  Treasurer:

* Deposits totaling $965.20

* Payments of $627.12

* Balance of $9,723.55

* The report was approved and accepted as read. Detailed copy of Treasurer’s report in SFTFCC Boosters binder.

  1.  Secretary:

*No report

  1.  Coaches:

Coach Brittney Moffatt:  

*Has 9 scholarship applications at this time – short discussion of decision process

*Moffatt decided to not coach Cross Country next year

*Uniforms should be here by Friday 4-7-17 and Aho should be getting uniforms back to us

Coach Mark Hanson:

*cookie dough fundraiser has not been as smooth as was hoped. Joe was a good rep.

*Cash from cookie dough fundraiser was used for some lock-in items and Hanson has the receipts

*Meet volunteer list is filling up nicely – all set with stations – Mike Beck is starter

*Possibility of paying for a new roll away run way mat to cover long jump triple jump/pole vault runway if not fixed

Coach Becki Hanson:   

*North Suburban Runner’s Club – Moffatt submitted paperwork for this. Question was raised – How soon can we reapply in Fall 2017 if we get it now in spring?

  1. Captains:

*None in attendance

  1. Committees:
  2.  Scrips – no report
  3. Concessions – update from Cindy – Dilly Bars up to $1.25 so will still sell for $2.00. Bob is all set to make turkey – cookies and water is planned for coaches’  corner
  1. HS Athletics/Activities Dept.:

*Not in attendance

  1. Special Orders:
  1. Unfinished Business:

*Scholarship Awards Night is May 17

*Mug fundraiser – sold around 25

*Moffatt working on design for t-shirt for May meet

*Cookie dough fundraiser pick up is April 20 in back gym

  1. New Business:

*Banquet is Monday, June 5 at 6:00 – will check with Mansetti’s for ideas to cater – plan to have people prepay at May/Nutter Classic meet– 230 were in attendance last year

VII. Announcements:

*Next SFTFCC Booster meeting May 3, 2017 at 6:00 pm.

VIII. Adjourn

*The meeting was adjourned at 7:11 pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Ann Bothun

SFTFCC Boosters Secretary