Multiple Teams · August Booster Club Meeting

SFTFCC Boosters
Minutes from the 8/15/17 Meeting

I. Call to Order
*The meeting was called to order by President Matt Hylen at 6:15 PM.
Those in attendance: Matt Hylen, Cindy Bonde-Lorenzen, Charlene Johnson, Becki
Hanson, Mark Hanson, Brittney Kurtz, Angie Benson, Kristin Dolney, Ann Bothun

II. Reading of Minutes
*The minutes from June 7, 2017 were reviewed, approved and accepted.

III. Reports:

A. President:
*No report

B. Vice President:
*No report

C. Treasurer:
* Deposits totaling $4,032.15
* Payments of $5,354.21
* Balance of $11,612.52
* The report was approved and accepted as read. Detailed copy of Treasurer’s report in
SFTFCC Boosters binder.
*Note to review the number of t-shirts ordered before the 2018 meet so we don’t lose
money on those again next year.

D. Secretary:
*No report

E. Coaches:
Coach Mark Hanson:
*Meet dates for next year are Friday, April 20, 2018 @ 3:30, Saturday, May 19, 2018 and
Conference meet May 23, 2018 in Monticello.
*Will check on specific things our track is missing causing us to be unable to host section
meets. Be able to host these events would support community economy.

Coach Brittney Kurtz:
*Willing to print posters of athletes who have had continued success after St. Francis
careers. Brittney will get prices on banners and a criteria list of who would get the

Coach Becki Hanson:
*Coaching update – Brittney Kurtz is coaching halftime and there is another part time
position available.
*22 athletes participating currently which is down 1 from last year – 11 guy/11 girls
*Currently selling Heggies

*Home cross country meet is Thursday, Sept. 14 @ 3:30
*Shorts and uniform came in and will try to get these organized into sizes and will work
on a contract for uniform agreement.
*Discussion on keeping older uniforms (most recently used) or saving/using older red
*Banquet date and details TBD

F. Captains:
*None in attendance

G. Committees:
1. Scrips
*Not in attendance

2. Concessions

*Will have a small concessions stand at CC meet
*Need some parent volunteers – possibly NHS students?
*Tent set up same as last year, near bench by finish line
*Water-fruit- granola mix
*John will get things set up
*Volunteers possibly students during fall meet to fulfill hours

H. HS Athletics/Activities Dept.:
*Not in attendance

IV. Special Orders:
V. Unfinished Business:
VI. New Business:
*Winter home concession dates:
-Thursday, Nov. 28, Girls Basketball, report at 5:45
-Thursday, Dec. 21, Boys Basketball, report at 6:00
-Wednesday, Feb. 7, Girls Basketball, report at 6:00
-Saturday, Feb. 24, Boys/Girls Basketball, report at 2:30 (counts as 2 events)
*Opp Chiropractic – Angie Benson has been in contact with Opp Chiropractic about
weekly adjustments for the athletes this fall. Students and parents need to fill out a
consent form for new season, even if adjustments were done in the spring.

VII. Announcements:
*Next SFTFCC Booster meeting September 13, 2017 at 6:00 pm.

VIII. Adjourn
*The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Respectfully Submitted
Ann Bothun
SFTFCC Boosters Secretary