Activities Attendance Policy

A committee comprised of coaches, advisors, students, and the activities director established the activities attendance procedure.   We hold our activity participants to high standards in being positive role models in and out of the classroom. The image and perception of our participants to other students, our teaching staff, other school personnel, and the community in general is vitally important.  This attendance policy establishes guidelines to preserve the importance of our participants to be in school and being positive role models.

Students who participate in athletics or activities are expected to be in attendance the full school day.  A student who misses all or any part of the school day will not be allowed to practice or participate with the following exceptions:

  • A written excuse from a doctor or health office professional
  • A school sponsored activity
  • A family emergency
  • An in school health issue

Coaches and advisors will enforce this procedure and communicate with their sport or activity participant.  The coach and advisor may make the determination whether or not the participant should be allowed to practice or play in special circumstances.   The coach or advisor, if unsure after using their best professional judgment, needs to get permission from the activities director or designated representative for any other exception.  The student has the responsibility for providing appropriate documentation and communicating with the coach or advisor.

Students that are sent home by the school nurse can only participate and/or play with a returning doctor’s note or note from the nurse.  In addition, coaches and advisors will monitor each individual’s attendance pattern and history to prevent abuse.

The coaches and advisors are expected to communicate with the activities director about any participants who have continuous attendance or tardy issues.