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Activities Director Job Description

Activities Director- Job Description

Goals and Objectives

Goal I:  The high school activities director shall establish an athletic and activity program that ensures a cooperative, supportive and participative environment for all students, faculty and parents.


  • Establish an atmosphere that ensures open lines of communication through regular coaches meetings and meeting with selected school and community groups.
  • Develop a procedure for confidential discussion of challenges and possible solutions.
  • Inform parents and athletes of the participation requirements, expectations, appeal procedures, benefits of participation, as well as potential or inherent dangers of participation.
  • Establish open lines of communication with the community that promote and foster understanding, cooperation and support of the activities program.

Goal II: The high school activities director shall be visionary and innovative, and will create the short and long-range goals for the school athletic and activity program in cooperation with the students, coaches, community, board of education, MNIAAA and the NIAAA.


  • To keep abreast of current research regarding all components of high school activities programs.
  • To assess needs of the activities program through various means which identify and prioritize school and community expectations.
  • To develop plans which systematically address (respond to) the assessed needs.
  • To harness community and school district resources.
  • To initiate and implement plans of action.
  • To evaluate progress and outcomes.

Goal III:  The high school activities director shall provide leadership that is proactive and positive. This leadership will place utmost emphasis on the physical, mental and social benefits of interscholastic athletics to the student-athlete.


  • Provide in-service education and information for coaches using positive reinforcement to enhance the participation experience of all student-athletes.
  • Provide a positive atmosphere in which athletes practice and compete.
  • Encourage moral and positive behavior by coaches, student-athletes and community.
  • Anticipate difficult situations and problems and strive to resolve them by developing a plan of action that addresses immediate, as well as future needs.
  • Ensure a safe and orderly environment.
  • Promotion, implementation, evaluation of an emergency action plan, as well as safety pre-planning

Goal IV: The high school activities director will successfully perform and show accountability for managerial functions that reflect knowledge and organizational competence.


  • Devise and prepare a plan for facility assessment, maintenance and improvement.
  • Coordinate with other administrators on the qualifications, job description, expectations, hiring and evaluation of athletic and activity personnel.
  • Provide a system to conduct safety checks on all facilities, equipment and teaching techniques.
  • Provide a system for recognition of student-athletes and coaches for their contributions and achievements.

Goal V: The high school activities director, with the cooperation of the coaching staff and advisors of activities, shall provide an athletic and activity program for student that promotes positive sportsmanship and citizenship.


  • Develop and implement a student-athlete code of conduct
  • Ensure that requirements for participation are based on high expectations for good citizenship.
  • Promote good sportsmanship, fair play and a commitment to ethical behavior.
  • Emphasize the need to demonstrate a genuine respect for others.

Goal VI: The high school Activities Director shall be responsible for ensuring that all policies and rules of the NFHS, the MSHSL, the board of education and the school administration are listed, updated and adhered to.


  • Inform all coaches of rules and regulations pertaining to the conduct of the athletic and activity programs, e.g., handbook, in-service programs, publications, updates, and ensuring that they are thoroughly understood.
  • Develop a procedure to notify parents and student-athletes of all rules/regulations that apply to their participation and attendance.
  • Keep abreast of changes and modifications to existing rules/regulations, and communicate those changes appropriately.
  • Enforce the rules/regulations with established actions/penalties that are clearly stated and provided to all parents, student-athletes and coaches.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Grow professionally through Leadership Training Institute courses, achieving NIAAA certification, becoming involved in local, regional, state and national opportunities, and through writing and teaching.
  • Provide leadership for the activities department while placing emphasis and perspective on its educational role in the school.  Promote “educationally based athletics and activities”.
  • Assist the principal in securing competent personnel for athletic staff. Seek to have input in the interview process and the selection of staff.
  • Prepare and monitor a calendar of school athletic events. Communicate this calendar and a list of activities to all facets of the school.
  • Assign facilities for all school athletic practices, contests, activities and community usage with the community education facilities assignor.
  • Attend as many contests, meets and events as possible, making sure all are supervised properly.
  • The activities director should participate in the entire school program offering.
  • Organize a Fine Arts schedule to incorporate all band, choir, and drama events.
  • Transmit all pertinent information for state association and conference/league competition to the principal and coaches.
  • Arrange school approved transportation for athletic and activity events.
  • Pro-actively resolve conflicts that may develop affiliated with the activities department.
  • Act as a tournament manager for league/conference and tournament playoff activities that are assigned to the school district.
  • Provide a system to maintain pertinent and permanent records for each sport.
  • Establish procedures for the supervision, development and proper use of the athletic training room.
  • Plan and supervise all athletic awards programs with the cooperation of the booster club, coaches and other administrators.
  • Coordinate with the maintenance department the repair and care of athletic fields, tracks, courts, courses and gymnasiums.
  • Coordinate the organization and operation of the media areas providing information and service.
  • Attend and serve as school liaison at athletic booster club meetings upon request.
  • Serve as the liaison between the coaches and the athletic booster club.
  • Serve as a liaison between the band, choir, and drama directors and their booster clubs.
  • Organize the distribution of complimentary passes for the school district. Check the school district’s policy regarding implementation.
  • Coordinate the annual review of the athletic policy, student code and staff handbook.
  • Evaluate the program, always seeking ways to improve interscholastic athletic and activity opportunities.
  • Prepare and monitor contest contracts.
  • Emphasize to coaches the need for professional appearance, language and conduct.
  • Examine all equipment and facilities before use.
  • As the host, provide dressing rooms and hospitality for visiting teams and game officials.
  • Keep informed of the rules and regulations of the total athletic program school district and state association.
  • Serve as financial manager for the activities department in all areas of spending and income.
  • Utilize and monitor technology as a tool of the department.
  • Lead with a philosophy of education based athletics and activities.
  • Oversee the hiring and communication with contest officials.
  • Be the bridge of information  regarding sports law, and state and federal law, regarding interscholastic athletics, best practices and facilities.
  • Promote coaches education and certification.

Specific Duties

In conjunction with the coach:

  • Prepare rosters.
  • Prepare regular game eligibility lists as required by the state association.
  • Evaluate each athlete’s grades at the end of each grading period.
  • Secure parent consent, physical, and insurance forms from all participants.
  • Promote the continuing education of the coaching staff.
  • Inform all coaches of all conference/league rules and regulations.
  • Establish a written policy for awards with each specific coach.
  • Enforce all state association regulations.
  • Prepare all reports for state and conference/league associations within the proper time limits.
  • Prepare entry list for tournaments and meets.
  • Supervise and observe coaching.
  • Maintain proper communication levels with coaches.
  • Provide a system for evaluation and professional growth of coaches.

Secure all needed personnel for the operation of the athletic program, including:

  • Game officials
  • Announcers
  • Timekeepers
  • Scorekeepers
  • Trainers
  • Security
  • Supervisors
  • Ticket sellers
  • Ticket takers
  • Scoreboard operators
  • Custodians
  • Concessions
  • Support personnel
  • Medical coverage
  • Specialty workers

Coordinate and supervise all special events related to the athletic program to include:

  • Athletic banquets
  • Awards nights
  • Fundraising
  • Pep rallies
  • Gymnasium assemblies
  • Contest intermission activities
  • Special events
  • Promotional activities
  • Pre-season meetings

Develop the operational budget and financial procedures to include:

  • Preparation and supervision of the athletic budget process.
  • Direct the sale of tickets for all athletic contests along with appropriate accounting of funds.
  • Prepare and issue all voucher/purchase orders for disbursement of funds from the activities office budget.
  • Monitor fund raising activities in relation to state law and district policy.

Procurement and care of equipment:

  • Provide a system for the purchase, storage, repair, cleaning, distribution and collection of athletic equipment in cooperation with the coaches.
  • Establish procedures for proper use of materials, supplies and equipment.
  • Oversee and approve athletic  purchases, including:
    • Maintaining an accurate inventory
    • Prioritizing needs
    • Providing a system for ordering equipment

Serve as the school representative for the following:

  • Local athletic council
  • Conference/League meetings
  • State athletic association
  • State athletic administrator association meetings
  • National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association membership and services

Develop community relations:

  • Create positive publicity through print media and technology for all school athletic programs
  • Supervise all radio, television and streaming broadcasts.
  • Coordinate the use of all athletic facilities by groups outside the school.
  • Arrange for medical and safety emergency personnel and procedures for all home athletic events.
  • Send reminders of upcoming events to schools, game officials, workers and news media.
  • Supervise and coordinate activities of cheerleaders with the athletic program.
  • Coordinate participation of school band and choral department performances with the athletic program.

Implement prudent legal procedures:

  • Maintain proper records, which include player medical examinations, insurance forms, participation records, parent-consent forms, payments, etc.
  • Maintain records, which verify coaches’ qualifications, background and certification as necessary.
  • Maintain an inventory of equipment relating to safety and certification, and recommend appropriate repair or placement.
  • Maintain a perpetual inventory of facilities’ safety evaluations and recommend appropriate changes.
  • Provide a system for approved means of transportation to and from contests and practices.
  • Maintain records of athletic disciplinary actions based on student participation code.
  • Interpret rules and regulations regarding academic eligibility of all candidates for athletic teams and verify their eligibility.
  • Develop a program based on state and federal law and legal interpretation including Title IX, ADA, and students with disabilities.