Riding/Driving Form

Driving-Riding Form (Click to print)


DRIVING/RIDING- Permission Form

Student Name: _______________________________________________________________

Grade: _________                            Date: ______________________________________

Sport/Activity: _______________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Student Signature: ____________________________________________________________

Advisor/Coach Signature: ______________________________________________________


Please check the appropriate spaces:   I give approval for my son/daughter to get to an event or practice when St. Francis High School does not provide transportation:

__________ use their own personal vehicle as transportation to the event

__________ Special circumstance where student needs to drive


Special Circumstances Section: Students will be expected to ride to and from an event with the team when school transportation is provided.   Exceptions may be for family reasons, medical appointments, need to arrive late or return early, etc. A permission slip from parents must be given to the coach before departure.  Parents must call the Activities Director- Chris Lindquist @ 763-213-1504 or email chris.lindquist@isd15.org  in addition to this slip being turned in.

  • Students are not allowed to ride home from an event with other students or friends.
  • Students can ride home with parent if parents talk to a coach/advisor at the site.
  • We encourage parents to attend all levels (9-12) of competition.

Many events will last 6-7 hours; which will include riding to and from an event, playing and watching our other teams and participants from our school.  For many sports there may be 4:30, 6:00 and 7:30 games or some all day events.  We encourage parents to pack a cooler lunch or provide money for your son or daughter to eat at the concession stand.  On occasion, teams may also eat at fast food restaurants.

Parent called or emailed:__________               Date and/or time: _________________________

Activities Director- Chris Lindquist @ 763-213-1504 or email chris.lindquist@isd15.org

** Golfers and hockey players will make arrangements to get to practice with their respective coaches with approval of the AD.